Writing Scholarships

Want to earn a scholarship to pursue your love of writing? Then Mount Mercy is a great place for you!

Mount Mercy offers writing scholarships of up to $3,000 for incoming freshmen and up to $2,000 for transfer students.

To apply: please submit up to 10 pages of your work (ideally a variety of different types of writing).  You can include creative writing (poetry, short stories, personal essays, novel excerpts); journalism (editorials, features, movie or book reviews); or any essays about literature you feel best showcase your writing talent.

To renew your scholarship, you can:

  • serve on, and contribute to, at least 1 student publication each year (The Paha Review or The Mount Mercy Times);
  • take at least 1 writing or literature class per year beyond composition;
  • participate in at least 2 Visiting Writer Series events per year

If you’d like more information about our writing scholarships, feel free to contact Dr. Mary Vermillion (vermill@mtmercy.edu).