Mustang Blogs

Mount Mercy’s English program has numerous impressive writers.  Many of our students, alumni, and faculty not only write posts for Literary Mustangs, but manage their own blogs as well.  Here are some of our community’s blogs that you should be following!

Current Students

Anne with an E – junior Creative Writing minor and writing scholar Annie Barkalow shares her excellent creative work on childhood, friendship, and the struggles of growing up.


Gretchen Mundorf – Gretchen Mundorf (’07) blogs about her experiences adulting as an Enneagram Enthusiast, middle school English teacher, wife, mom, and  Christ-follower in today’s topsy-turvy world.

Laina Pilkenton – Laina Pilkenton (’12) writes about her life as a writer, sound therapy practitioner, energy worker, and female entrepreneur.

The Elusive Refuge – Susan Abel (’16) writes, “Poetry has helped me see myself and understand better this mayhem that is life, this beauty and wonder and sometimes seeming despair. Some things I find I cannot say, and so I run to poetry as a refuge.” Follow The Elusive Refuge to enjoy her wonderful poetry!

Word Warrior – Fantastic poet and novelist Courtney Snodgrass (’16) reflects on her love for writing.

Painted Passport –  Cally Salter (’18) blogs on the art and architecture she has encountered in her travels.

The Final Year – Tyus Thompson (’18) kept track of his final year as a Mount Mercy Mustang, as well as responded to what he’s studied in his Romantic literature and Mercy Capstone courses.

The Plebeian Strain – Alexus Minervini (’19) shares her powerful original poetry, as well as blogs on “my adventures as a college student, nerd stuff, and reviews (of anime, shows, movies, literature, etc.)”

Thoughts of a Romantic – Chuck Uthe (’19) has transformed the blog he created in his Romantic literature course into a great source for movie reviews and reports on events around campus.

Moments by Madi & More – Maddie Orton (’20) blogs on photography, her work on the Mount Mercy Times, and other aspects of her MMU life.


Joy on the Planet  – Joy Ochs blogs on climate change, current events, and her life as a Mount Mercy English professor.

Midway – Mary Vermillion blogs on what it means to be midway and explores a range of questions concerning how we can seek the middle ground in our current political climate.

Posts on the Penman – Chris DeVault shares his borderline unhealthy obsession with Irish author James Joyce.