Life Without Parole

Ever since I gazed among the towering walls of Anamosa State Penitentiary – first on a tour, then as a book club participant, of course – I haven’t been able to shake the feeling that something is wrong. What is wrong? Eventually, it became a statement, but still I can only phrase it as a question. … More Life Without Parole

Not Just a House

by Doriann Whitlock Home is not just a person, place, or thing but a feeling that follows you on your journeys through life.  When you find that home it becomes the one place where you can truly be yourself without fear of retribution.  After finding that place where you can be yourself, there are still … More Not Just a House

Prison Book Club

by Ashley Sally The very first day of class we discussed the syllabus and this project. I thought it was weird to open up with such a heavy commitment. I mean it’s truly a reflection of the English department, showing how important social issues are to literature. Going into the project I was nervous because … More Prison Book Club

Through Prison Walls

  by Adelaide Bayne On April 11, 2018 I had the privilege of attending a book club at the Anamosa State Penitentiary. The penitentiary is located in Anamosa Iowa, about 35 minutes away from Mount Mercy’s campus. This book club was offered through the English course Law and Literature. My classmates and I prepared for … More Through Prison Walls