Aaron Abeyta

On a Thursday afternoon visiting writer Aaron Abeyta came all the way from Colorado to Mount Mercy University for a Q&A, and for a reading of his books and poems. He is a Colorado native and also the mayor of his hometown Antonito, Colorado. In addition, Aaron Abeyta is a professor of English at Adams … More Aaron Abeyta

Poet: Aaron Abeyta

Author and poet Aaron Abeyta graced Mount Mercy University with his presence on Thursday, September 27 with a reading on some of his literary works. Prior to attending the reading, I had only read his novel Colcha in my Writing and Analysis of Literature class. I found his work to be deep and meaningful.  After attending his … More Poet: Aaron Abeyta


Aaron abeyta Granted that this was my first ever visiting writer I did not know what was going to ha[pen. For some reason I expected more, for what reason I do not know. I thought the he would have done more, more of what, I don t know.  He stated that for him to name … More abeyta


Reflection on abeyta Beginning with epistolary activity, aaron abeyta writes letters prior to making them into poems. He inspires me to address my prose to someone, like a dedication or a conversation in which the interlocutors are real people. My prose tends to be a conversation with God. Aaron abetya was hinting at a calling … More abeyta

Saving Lives

Like many of us, Aaron Abeyta wears many hats in life. He is a mayor, professor, poet, author, coach, husband, father, and a son. The one aspect of his life that has impacted me  is his poetry. Abeyta was invited to Mount Mercy, on Thursday, Sept. 27, to share very personal writings from several of … More Saving Lives