Panelists Highlight Transferable Skills

On Thursday, November 15th, the English department hosted a panel filled by alumni who had an English major in their undergraduate education. The alumni present were Jen Provorse, a specialist librarian, Jason Cleveland, a marriage and family therapist, and Celine Klosterman, a strategist writer. Jen majored in English and minored in history during her time … More Panelists Highlight Transferable Skills

Prison Book Club

This is my third time doing the prison book club, and it still didn’t disappoint.  This time it differed most because of the text we used. We focused on Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills like White Elephants” and Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use”. Doing short stories versus a book brought up many difficulties. It simply wasn’t as much … More Prison Book Club

Birthright Citizenship

            The current economic struggles and fears provoked by challenges to homeland security, whether they are real or imagined, fuel the current debate of birthright citizenship. The right to citizenship if you are born in the United States has been fundamental for some time now, but amidst illegal immigration concerns this right is starting to … More Birthright Citizenship