Panelists Highlight Transferable Skills

On Thursday, November 15th, the English department hosted a panel filled by alumni who had an English major in their undergraduate education. The alumni present were Jen Provorse, a specialist librarian, Jason Cleveland, a marriage and family therapist, and Celine Klosterman, a strategist writer. Jen majored in English and minored in history during her time … More Panelists Highlight Transferable Skills

LGBTQ Writings

Studying LGBTQ literature is something that can benefit any person, regardless of their sexual orientation. In high school, we study African American history, so why not study the experience of LGBTQ people? You might be asking “What is LGBTQ literature?”, which is a valid question because it varies from person to person. I recently took … More LGBTQ Writings

Why study LGBTQ Lit?

I think that it is important for students to study LGBTQ literature because then they are given the chance to understand people in the LGBTQ community. The authors who write queer literature are being honest about how they feel as a gay, lesbian, transgender, etc. persons and what life can be like for them with … More Why study LGBTQ Lit?

You are one Danez Smith poem away from being America’s Next Top Drag Queen

Stay tuned if you’re ready for raw emotion, some sass from the past, and a gay ole time. And a few pop culture references. Why study Queer Literature? To begin, we have to determine what style of literature can be defined as queer literature.  And as a simple man, queer literature to me can be explained … More You are one Danez Smith poem away from being America’s Next Top Drag Queen

LGBTQ Literature

When asked the question what have you learned from this course, I would say that I learned to be open with yourself and do not hold anything back. One of the books that we read was Fun Home, which was about a young girl who was afraid to come out to her parents. In the … More LGBTQ Literature