Poet: Aaron Abeyta

Author and poet Aaron Abeyta graced Mount Mercy University with his presence on Thursday, September 27 with a reading on some of his literary works.

Prior to attending the reading, I had only read his novel Colcha in my Writing and Analysis of Literature class. I found his work to be deep and meaningful.  After attending his reading, my notion of his writing was proven to be true.

Abeyta is not a surface level kind of guy. He writes with passion and heart based off his life experiences. During his visit, he offered insight to his poems and their true meaning. One thing that struck me by surprise was the fact that he openly admitted to being an angry guy. Being angry with particular life events has driven him to be the writer he is. I personally don’t believe his work would be as interesting without his sense of frustrated emotions. His honesty was admirable and somewhat shocking as many people typically don’t admit what’s considered a negative flaw like being mad.

Although I was spot on about Abeyta being a passionate writer, I never thought his in-person presence would affect me the way it did. He would read in different tempos and tones that would alter the ambiance of each poem. It kept the reading lively and helped me connect to each poem individually.

After hearing him read his poems in person, I feel as though I can now read the rest of his Colcha novel with a stronger perspective.


2 thoughts on “Poet: Aaron Abeyta

  1. Jade, I agree! He is a very passionate writer, and speaker. I feel like everything he spoke was from the heart, not just a script he repeats for each and every location he visits. I feel he has perfected the way he wants his poems to be read and he does just that. It’s rare to find a writer who is that passionate about his work.

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