Aaron abeyta

Granted that this was my first ever visiting writer I did not know what was going to ha[pen. For some reason I expected more, for what reason I do not know. I thought the he would have done more, more of what, I don t know.  He stated that for him to name his favorite work was difficult. As difficult as a mother choosing their favorite child. He then gave the idea that he does actually has a favorite when he said, every mother has a favorite she just will not say it. Even though I fell short on my expectations of the visit. If in said that I did not learn or enjoy anything I would be a liar. He gave me a lot of clarity in regards to the readings for this class.

I realized that he was related somehow to everyone he wrote about, he was strong on family friendship and relationships overall. When I say that I realized I mean that more in a that Aaron has proven himself to me. Not that he had to, but as a reader and as a dreaming writer I know that sometimes that the written work doesn’t always coincide with the writer. Seeing and hearing Aaron in person, I felt his sincerity and genuineness. I really felt the truth as he read his work. The passion that he expressed, how smooth he delivered each line to every stanza to every paragraph. Watching and listening to Mr. Abeyta reading his work made me realize something else about reading poetry.

I realized that only the author or the poet can ever truly read their work in the way that his was written. This makes sense since they wrote it. This notion is similar to a song. If we read the lyrics of a song with ever hearing the vocals been sung, we will only be able to assume and make speculations of what we think the song would sound like. For me this is just like poetry, we can only see look at the theme, word choice and other aspects of the poem or song and guess the write tone or way of delivery. Aaron made this clear when he read one of his poems so fast that I had to listen keenly to nit miss any words. I know in myself that if I was reading that poem, I would not have done so in that tempo. While he read this particular poem I wondered how easy analyzing a text would have been only if we could know all the time how the poet felt while they wrote a poem.

Something I found really interesting was when he said the doesn’t consider himself as the author, writer or poet, but more as a channel and that he writes whatever he gets from the headwaters, which maybe his mother, grandmother, grandfather, friend or whoever inspires him to write. my favorite poem shared by Mr. Abeyta was the one about clichés that he write to his creative writing class. For some reason I find this very amazing and it shows how creative he is, for him to write a poem so easily off the whims of a question asked by his students, for me that is very inspiring. It shows how practice makes perfect.


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  1. I was also in awe of his creativity and how he can make connections to seemingly abstract things so effortlessly. I like how you note that you could feel his sincerity and felt the truth in his work. When reading other works we don’t always get the strong sense of truth in their works but in his it definitely seems genuine.

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  2. I too expected something different, but enjoyed listening to Abeyta and learned a lot about him and his writing. I loved his analogy about not having a favorite but really having one that he just won’t admit. He compares that to how a mother won’t say who her favorite child is but definitely has one. I can relate to that because I have four kids and I have a favorite and she knows she’s the favorite, but I always tell her I don’t have a favorite.

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  3. I completely agree that every parent has their favorites. I would argue that every person has their favorite everything but doesn’t want to admit it most of the time. Honestly havinga favorite thing can be seen as not liking the othe rthings at all. I agre with the statement “he was related somehow to everyone he wrote about, he was strong on family friendship and relationships overall.” I completely agree with him having complex relationship and being able to talk about it.

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  4. I totally agree with you, in his work you literally could see the truth. It was also interesting that he got inspired by his mother, grandmother and grandfahter.

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  5. Hey this was good! I appreciate your honesty. I also agree, it would be easier to analyse a poem if it were always read by the writer. I guess this is one reason I enjoyed the presentation of poetry at the Q&A. To me it was inspiring and I liked putting a face to the poems.

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  6. I sort of felt the same way as you did when you said you expected more from the visit, but you learned a lot. I was hoping he would actually give us an idea of which poem was his favorite. I agree, as well, when you say it’s easier to analyze a poem when the writer reads it. I also thought his inspirations for his poems were cool too, and I’m happy he was able to express them, because, for some, it’s difficult to speak their inspirations.

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